Located within our Preston Center offices is a fully equipped, German-designed dental laboratory. Our equipment and materials represent the latest techniques in prosthodontic restorative dentistry. Here, our highly trained, certified dental laboratory technicians work closely with Dr. Seal and his team to create customized restorations. Most dental practices rely on labs across town, or even across the country. Our lab is just down the hall.

  • Complete control of your case
  • Superior aesthetic results
  • Ensures the right fit and proper function in every restoration we create
  • Enables us to make minor on-the-spot modifications during your appointment
  • The concept for your restoration is designed according to your specific needs.
  • By the time your teeth are prepared, the work for the provisional restorations has already begun.
  • After preparing the teeth and making an impression, the impression is examined under microscopes in the laboratory prior to finishing to ensure accuracy.