Tooth Replacement: How a Fixed Dental Bridge Can Help

The loss of a tooth has a negative effect on your smile’s appearance and function, but a dental bridge offers a good tooth replacement alternative that can look and feel like your biological teeth.

A fixed dental bridge secures a pontic (prosthetic tooth) in an empty space and secures it by placing crowns on adjoining teeth. A dental specialist known as a prosthodontist, who focuses on such restorations, can design a bridge to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, depending on the patient’s needs. If there are adjoining teeth on either side of the gap to support crown placement, a patient will be a likely candidate for a dental bridge.

Bridges are beneficial because they help to restore the structure and function of missing teeth. They can support the lips and cheeks in a way that is similar to a natural tooth. They also contribute to a person’s ability to chew properly and eliminate speech problems that can develop after tooth loss.

Some people may be reluctant to consider bridges because they have the incorrect opinion that the appliance will be noticeably artificial. Dr. Seal can create a bridge that has a natural appearance. In fact, with the modern materials used to craft these appliances, most observers won’t be able to tell the prosthetic device from its biological neighbor. For example, ceramics can be used to construct a bridge that eliminates dark areas along the gumline.

The process of getting a bridge takes place over a few appointments. At the first session, the patient will be evaluated, and data will be gathered  that will be used to design the bridge. This usually requires that dental impressions be taken.

Patients will be given a temporary appliance to wear while a permanent device is being created. When the permanent bridge is ready, the patient returns to the office to have it secured in place. It is a long-term tooth replacement, and can be an affordable solution for tooth loss. If you need to replace missing teeth, contact our office at 214.361.0883 to schedule a consultation at our North Dallas location.