Tooth Loss and Your Dental Health

For many patients, the primary concern following tooth loss is restoring the smile’s aesthetics. However, it’s important to remember the function of a missing tooth and the role it plays in your oral health. If you delay or avoid tooth replacement, it can have significant negative consequences.

Healthy, structurally complete teeth work together to support each other and to facilitate important tasks like chewing and speaking. Following tooth loss, dental implants preserve much of that function and this benefits the patient’s oral health.

Dental implants are essentially artificial tooth roots that are made of titanium. These small cylinders are inserted into the bone. The bone will then form bonds with the surface of the implants. This bonding takes several weeks. Once the bonds are formed, the implants can support anything from a single tooth to an entire arch.

An implant is able to stand alone, limiting damage to any surrounding teeth that remain. Implants also preserve the integrity of the jawbone, fostering a stronger attachment between the bone and neighboring biological teeth.

Tooth loss will usually have a negative impact on a person’s nutrition. A mouth that is missing even a single tooth cannot process food as efficiently as a complete set of teeth. Because dental implants are connected to the jaw, they can bite and chew food much like natural teeth.

Of course, appearances are important. In addition to these functional benefits, dental implants are aesthetically pleasing. Dr. Seal, who specializes in restorations of missing and damaged teeth, can also provide you with a prosthetic crown, bridge or denture that mimics the appearance of your biological teeth and blends in well with the rest of your smile.

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