Teeth Grinding and Your Dental Health

Certainly teeth grinding is an annoying habit, especially for a patient’s sleeping partner, but this habit can also cause wear of your teeth and adversely affect your gums and the bone surrounding the teeth. It can lead to tooth loss and periodontal disease and loosening of the teeth.  In addition, it can cause soreness of the facial muscles related to chewing as well as enlargement of those muscles producing visual changes at the angles of the jaw.

Some patients may not even be aware that they are grinding their teeth unless a spouse or significant other alerts them to the issue.

Most patients who suffer from bruxism should be fitted for a custom-designed bite guard to address the issue.  This normally gives relief from any symptoms related to the bruxism as well as stablilzation of the structures around the teeth.  The patient wears this device while sleeping. When you work with a prosthodontist on this treatment option, you can get a comfortable appliance that is unlikely to interfere with your sleep and indeed may often enhance sleep when these muscles relax during the night..

Grinding your teeth isn’t merely bothersome, it can also be harmful to your oral health. If you have symptoms of bruxism, get evaluated by a dental professional and explore treatment such as a custom-made bite guard. You don’t have to continue to suffer from the effects of bruxism.

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