Implant-Supported Dentures: Renewed Self-Confidence & Peace of Mind

Tooth loss can be devastating, but a replacement that looks and feels natural, such as implant-supporteddentures, can help to restore a beautiful and functional smile.

Many patients are reluctant to consider dentures because the very word brings to mind thoughts of the uncomfortable and noticeably artificial appliances that their grandparents wore. Fortunately, advances in the materials used to make these dentures have made today’s prosthetics much more attractive.

When you choose to have a prosthodontist use dental implants to anchor your dentures, the appliances feel and function like your natural teeth.

Dental implants are made of titanium, and bone can bond with this metal. Therefore, the implants serve as artificial teeth roots once the bond between bone and implant has formed. This secures the denture, much in the same way that a biological tooth’s root anchors the crown, reducing the chances that the appliance will slip out of place. 

Implant-supported dentures also closely approximate natural teeth in terms of chewing function.  Also implants prevent the bone loss that typically occurs after tooth loss, as well.

The first step for patients who choose implant-supported dentures is an initial consultation with the prosthodontist. At this appointment, necessary data will be collected to plan the implant placement procedure. The prosthodontist and patient will also discuss the desired aesthetic qualities of the denture.

Implant placement itself can be completed in a matter of hours, depending on the technique being used. The patient is often fitted with the prosthetic the same day. In some cases, though, the denture may be a temporary device until the patient has healed fully after the implant placement.

Our practice features an in-office German-designed dental laboratory to offer patients a speedier treatment timeline without sacrificing the quality of the denture. The on-site lab also makes it easier to make any requested adjustments to the prosthetic prior to fitting the patient with it.

Patients who don’t want to give up their self-confidence and peace of mind following tooth loss should consider implant-supported dentures. With over 25 years’ experience as a Dallas prosthodontist, Dr. Seal serves residents in Highland Park, University Park, and the neighboring communities. Please contact the office of Dr. Greg Seal at 214.361.0883 today to schedule your consultation.