Adjusting to Dentures: Setting the Expectation

Eating and speaking are two of the most important and enjoyable things you do every day. With new dentures, those tasks will be a bit more difficult during a short adjustment period. Your custom dentures will feel quite natural and comfortable in the long run, but this adjustment period may last a few weeks.

To adjust to eating during this period, we recommend eating soft foods that are easily chewed and swallowed such as fish, cooked vegetables, yogurt, soup, and ice cream, gradually incorporating more difficult foods to adjust to chewing in your dentures. It may also be helpful to take smaller bites than usual during these first few weeks.

Proper speaking positions are planned in custom dentures, and your speech patterns will adjust quickly. However, like all activities, practice makes perfect! The more you speak during the first few days, the more rapidly any adjustment period will end. Talk to yourself, sing along with the radio, or read out loud to adjust more quickly.

You may experience some soreness or pressure on the supporting tissues of the denture during the first couple of weeks. You will have scheduled appointments during the two weeks following delivery to alleviate any small pressure areas. Following that time period, if you experience any pressure areas, please call to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Seal as soon as possible. There’s no need to suffer with denture discomfort.

We are confident that you will love the results from your new custom dentures, but make sure to expect a couple weeks adjustment and have patience with your body as it adjusts to life with functional and attractive teeth.

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